Performance. Longevity. Optimization.

Performance. Longevity. Optimization.

UsHealthPlus is a telehealth platform built on streamlining health optimization. We use preventative medicine and evidence-based treatment plans to get our clients the results they want.

Since we know our bodies vary person to person consisting of countless variables, we take a comprehensive approach by evaluating your health as a whole.

We Work With The Best

Our doctors are all for using high leverage therapeutics because they know what it’s like to be curious and understand that we actually do need them to reach our goals. 

Now there’s still a lot of focus on using lifestyle alteration to get results and while that’s entirely possible, the only people who have the time for something like that are the biohackers suggesting we make these changes in the first place.

Built For Optimization

Their businesses and lives are built on these hyper specific ways of optimization. But that may not be in the cards for the rest of us.

Our Specialties

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