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Baseline Health Panels:

Base Panel Package


Does not meet Guided Optimization Treatment Requirements

The Basic Panel Package covers bloodwork essentials. We use key biomarkers to provide insight into your metabolic health, hormone status, and lipid profile.

Comprehensive Panel Package


Meets Guided Optimization Treatment Requirements

Take your diagnostics to the next level with our Comprehensive Panel. We combine high-accuracy assays with precise biomarkers to provide accurate insights into hormonal function, metabolic health, lipids, and organ health.

Complete Package


Meets Guided Optimization Treatment Requirements

The Complete Panel Package is a testament to our evidence-based approach to human optimization. You’ll receive access to cutting-edge testing of unparalleled accuracy.

Specialty Lab Panels:

Base Hair Package


Simplify hair loss treatment with our Basic Hair Panel. We look at the hormones most often responsible for the development of hair loss, specifically Dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. Excess DHT impairs the function of hair follicles, resulting in hair more prone to balding. This panel is recommended if you are considering Finasteride therapy.

Comprehensive Hair Panel Package


Our Comprehensive Hair Panel is for those serious about uncovering the origins of their hair loss. Understanding the multifactorial nature of your hairline means we will evaluate your full hormonal spectrum, thyroid function, and cortisol levels.

Comprehensive Thyroid Panel Package


Ensure your thyroid is working to your advantage with our Comprehensive Thyroid Panel. This lab package includes an in-depth screening of pertinent hormones and additional tests of proteins, enzymes, and vitamins implicated in thyroid health.